Can puppies travel with Rex Go Fetch?

Yes! As long as your puppy is 8 weeks of age and has had their first vaccination. We ask that all dogs show their vaccination status prior to travel so group trips can be arranged. However we do recommend for puppies an individual trip. As we can give them lots of attention and also to reduce any stress on the pup of being around other dogs.

Can I send my pet with their belongings?

Unfortunately we don’t have extra space for your pets belongings. We do ask that your pet have a collar/harness. You can pack a lead if you wish. Don’t worry we have lots of toys!.

Can I book on the day?

For all bigger trips we will need notice. Local trips can be booked more promptly. We aim to reply to enquiries within 2 hours.

My pet has regular medication is this ok?

Yes of course. Please provide us with all necessary information on the medication.

What will my pet be fed?

We supply Premium dry pet food. However we recommend not changing their diet if you are able to provide the amount necessary for trip of what you have been feeding them. Dry food only please.

Can you travel with the current border restrictions due to COVID-19?

Yes! Our driver has all the appropriate passes and follows all necessary requirements to cross interstate borders.

Do the pets interact with each other on group trips?

There is minimal interaction between the animals. They are removed individually from their crates. Unless they are from the same family.